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FREE Commercial “Retail” Lighting Design

- Benefits of Lighting Design.

Lighting Design gives you peace of mind knowing that when the lights in your retail stores are installed they are going to sell more products and add to the visual merchandising and branding.

Our team of lighting designers are trained professionals who do this work everyday. The difference between a store with lighting design VS not using professionals is HUGE!

- Free Quotation / Consultancy.


We offer a FREE two page document one with the professional easy to understand lighting design and the other page a VERY competitive quote for all required lighting for the job.

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- Designs Examples.


Below are some design examples, some of the things taken into consideration with lighting design are as follows

- Lighting Fixture Positions.

- LUX / Lumens Levels.

-CRI (C0lor Render Index).

- CCT (Color Temperature Cool/Warm).

- Beam Angle/Glare Factors.

- Room Interior / Paint Colors.

- Ambience / Product Foucs.

- Branding/Style or Color of Fitting.

Below is a 3D render of a bridal  client  -

The use of LED Track Lighting was used to highlight the dresses with a narrow beam angle.



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professional lighting design retail setup example photo

More information about Lighting Design Below :

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With retail lighting there are two main philosophies for how to approach design:

“Get em in, get em out!”

This method is generally used by more economical brands (that require high turnaround of product to be profitable) and fast food chains. These units are generally lit to very high levels (1000-2000+ lux) and very uniformly. The idea is to not make the shopper feel too relaxed and make sure that all the different merchandise is visible, as the shopper is persuaded to make impulse purchases and get through the payment process fast. The changing rooms are usually lit with the same fitting type and lamp colour temperature (CCT).

“Luxurious and high end”

The more prestige brands (and those aiming to appear that way) usually take a completely juxtaposed approach. These shops usually have very little light outside of illuminating the merchandise. This has the duel effect of creating great contrast, making the merchandise stand out from the background and making the space appear more welcoming and comfortable to be in.

This ambience is achieved by using tight, narrow beam optics, putting 1000+ lux directly onto the product. Visual hierarchy then ensures the first thing you see is the product, it stands out and becomes the star of the show. The spill light and reflected light then provide the general orientation for consumers. In these type of stores the cash desk is also highlighted and the changing rooms may use a warmer colour apperance lamp to seem more “homely”

Melbourne lighting design panel lights wholesale price Australia buy price supply dimensions

Various luminaire types can achieve both of the above styles, from track and spotlights to recessed gimbal type fittings. The important factor is that they are low-glare and have good optical control to get the light exactly where it is needed.

In a retail situation the designer and planner can leave a scheme and it looks fantastic, however when under the shop managers control the scheme may become neglected. They may replace the lamps as and when they expire, rather than doing a bulk change, thus having lamps of different brightness and colour appearance ruining the desired effect the designed was trying to create.

Melbourne lighting design LED downlight wholesale Australia price buy source looking for

Add to this the potential to move key positioned luminaries (specific spotlights) when changing the lamps and you can easily see how 1 year down the line your perfect retail lighting design ends up looking like a dogs dinner. With LED and their long expected lifetimes to L70, you really do have a “fit and forget” installation that needs little to no maintenance to look as good as the day it was installed 10,15 even 20 years down the line.

Key benefits of using an LED light source in your application:

1.             Low energy light source compared to traditional lamp types.

2.             Long LED lifetimes, generally 50,000 hours+(low maintenance.)

3.             Available in a wide range of colour temperatures.

4.             No UV output, prolonging life of the objects they are illuminating.

5.             Good colour rendering (Ra) attributes possible.

6.             High outputs now available to suit all applications.

7.             Instant “strike” for emergency use.

8.             Wide range of control options (such as DALI) possible for central dimming/switching

9.             Coloured (RGB) versions available to create stunning effects.

Glossary of useful terms:

DALI – Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, standardize protocol for control of luminaries.

LED – Light Emitting Diode. A solid state light source.

Light – The part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to humans.

L70 – Predicted lifetime of an LED chip to the point at which it still produces 70% of the initial luminous flux.

Illuminance – the measure of light arriving at a given surface (measured in lux)

Uniformity – the measure of the evenness of light

Colour Appearance – the relative “warmth” of the light source based upon a Kelvin scale  

Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) – The numeric expression of colour appearance, expressed in Kelvin[K] (2700K = warm, 4000K = neutral, 6000K = cool).

Colour Rendering – the ability of a light source to enable the identification of colour

Light Output Ratio (LOR) – the proportion of light emitted from a luminaire against the proportion from the lamp within the luminaire)

Luminous efficacy – the ratio of light output of a lamp against the electricity consumed (measured in lumens per watt – lm/w)

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